Due to high volume, we unable to accept new orders for breast milk jewelry at this time.
We ARE accepting new orders for keepsake jewelry though (made without breast milk)!
Thank you for your business!!!
At Milk Vine Jewelry, we offer beautifully handcrafted breast milk jewelry and keepsake jewelry (no breast milk necessary)! We preserve your breast milk and/or inclusion of choice, such as piece of baby blanket, baby’s first curl, wedding dress, a loved one’s shirt or other fabric, placenta, flower petal, and more in a stunning piece of jewelry, creating a lovely memento.
These elegant keepsakes can celebrate life’s special moments, your breastfeeding journey, a donor, your child’s milestones, loved ones, or even your special pet.
All pieces can be made with or without breast milk!
Each handcrafted item is carefully made so you can wear it and enjoy the beautiful memories for years to come.


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All pieces can be made with or without breast milk and customized especially for you!

 Blue Keepsake Pearl - Milk Vine Jewelry         Ornate Oval Pendant - Milk Vine Jewelry