Crown Bezel Pendant – Sterling Silver


This stunning sterling silver crown bezel pendant perfectly displays your breast milk jewel or other inclusions. The setting measures 12mm. Chain sold separately.

Please see the Description for information on breast milk, amounts of inclusions, etc.



Sterling silver chain sold separately.

A mom’s breast milk is unique to her, therefore every piece of jewelry is also unique. That’s what makes these pieces so special! The translucency and color of breast milk ranges from very light to white to creamy yellow and even a slight blue tint. Some mother’s milk even creates swirls and spots. These distinctive properties of your breast milk make your piece a one-of-a-kind memento.

Please see our FAQs for an example of our pearl shimmer and answers to any questions.

Inclusion Information:

How much breast milk do I need to send?
Please send at least 1 ounce of breast milk per jewelry item (unless otherwise noted).

How much placenta do I need to send?
Placenta should be previously dried and in capsule form. Please send one capsule per jewelry item.

How much fabric/ribbon do I need to send in?
Please send at least a 1-inch square or 1-inch-long piece of ribbon.

How many flower petals do I need to send in?
Please send in one or two flower petals.


Additional information


Breast Milk Only, Breast Milk & Placenta, Breast Milk & Other Inclusion, Resin & Placenta, Resin & Other Inclusion

Pearl Shimmer

No Shimmer Added, Shimmer Added


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