Micropave Teardrop Earrings – Sterling Silver


Adorn your ears with shimmer and sparkle with these sterling silver, 18k white gold overlay micropave earrings. The micropave design beautifully frames an 8mm keepsake ‘pearl’ and measure ½” x 5/8”. (Pictured: main image – white resin; additional images – lock of hair set in pearl resin; fabric (shown) set in clear resin) For additional examples of inclusions, please visit our Gallery

Please see the Description for information on breast milk, amounts of inclusions, etc.



You may choose to have your keepsake jewelry crafted in clear resin or a pearl shimmer. Please view our gallery to see examples of pieces made with various inclusions, as well as with clear and pearl shimmer resin.

Please see our FAQs for an example of our pearl shimmer and answers to any questions.

  • How much material (fabric/ribbon/lace, etc.) do I need to send in?
    Please send at least a 1-inch square of fabric or 1-inch-long piece of ribbon.
  • How much hair/pet fur do I need to send in?
    Please send about 50 strands of hair/fur that are at least a 1-inch long. It’s best to put a small rubber band or tie a ribbon around the hair/fur and place it in a small plastic bag for shipping. This will help avoid tangling.
  • How many flower petals do I need to send in?
    Please send in 1 to 2 large flower petals or 3 to 4 small petals. Petals will not be fresh as they will dry during shipping. Please place them in a plastic bag and press out as much air as possible for shipping.

Will my jewelry look exactly like the one pictured?
Absolutely not – and that’s what makes it so special! Your piece of keepsake jewelry is custom made using your special inclusion, so every piece is unique. The image shown is an example of an inclusion in this specific setting. Once I receive your inclusion, I’ll determine the best way to showcase it in your jewelry setting. Some pieces can fit and work best left intact, while others are better cut into smaller pieces or shred into threads. If you have a specific request or concern, please contact me prior to placing your order.

Because your piece is handcrafted rather than machine-made, you may notice tiny bubbles or other tin imperfections in the piece itself. We feel this adds to the uniqueness of the piece! – and they will not harm the life of your jewelry. However, we strive to create each beautiful piece as perfect as possibly.

How does this work?
Once you’ve selected the setting you’d like for your keepsake jewelry and placed your order, you’ll receive an email that includes information on how and where to send your inclusion within a few hours.

For further information on inclusions, shipping and more, please see the FAQ page.

Additional information


Fabric, Hair/Fur, Flower Petals, Other Inclusion

Clear or Pearl Shimmer

Clear, No Shimmer Added, Pearl Shimmer Added


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